ILYA Safety Committee Prepares for 2022 Season

In 2021, Commodore Lee Alnes created a Safety and Education Committee. Sean Wagner heads a safety committee addressing a multitude of issues. In 2021 coaches were strongly encouraged to use kill switches on all coach boats. That initiative is now mandated in the race documents and monitored at youth regattas. Coaches will receive stickers donated by Sean and Melissa Wagner at ILYA Youth Regattas to serve as a reminder. Prop guards are recommended as an adjunct device. 

Two new safeguards were introduced in 2022.  Firstly, Safety Cards of each lake illustrating the safety and emergency  procedures in and around it. These will ensure that your volunteer race committee, your yacht club staff, spectators or coaches know the procedures for your lake. See the examples below.  If your lake is not listed, please consider using the template of one of the included lakes and submit your safety plan to David Berg 
for inclusion on the website. In case of emergency the website is a quick resource for our sailors.

Secondly, the ILYA Safety Committee, under the direction of Sean Wagner, assembled comprehensive safety and first aid kits to be available for use by the Safety Officer working for each Race Committee at all ILYA Regattas. Furthermore, the Safety Committee has developed a Race Committee briefing plan and a set Race Day guidelines to help RC and Safety Committee members provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our sailors.  For more details, read below.

2022 ILYA Safety Equipment Checklist
Check your equipment – and figure out what’s there, where it is, and remember to make note of anything the gets used or needs to be replaced.
Click here to see the Equipment in the First Aid & Safety Kit
Regatta Safety Briefing
Brief your RC before the start of racing with these helpful and important reminders.

Race Day Guidelines
Once the committee is equipped and briefed follow these guidelines to have a safe and enjoyable regatta.

Click here to see the Safety Guidelines