ILYA Academy - Learning Starts Here


The Inland Lake Yachting Association supports saling education with a variety of ongoing initiatives. Our goal is to create original content of value to our members and member clubs and provide easy access to those training and educational materials.


Our recent actvites include the ILYA #FairSailing initiative which produced a series of 12 eductional webinars. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we developed and delivered a series of 11 webinars.


Check back here for more great educational content in 2021 from our new Safety and Education Comittee.


To connect with a local Sailing School affiliated with an ILYA member club, check out the Sailing School directory listing.

2022 BuoyZone Webinar - with Brian Buzzell and Mark Deguire

2020 ILYA Fast Forward Webinar Series - with Steph Roble and Maggie Shea


2018 ILYA Fair Sailing Rules Webinar Series - Rick Roy, JP Porter, Al Haeger