ILYA Bilge Pullers History & ILYA Hall of Fame


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Inland Lake Yachting Association Hall of Fame



The ILYA Hall of Fame was organized in 2002, the brainchild of Bilge Puller’s past Admiral Dick Casper.  To date, thirty ILYA competitors and contributors have been honored in the Hall of Fame.

The process of electing an honoree is an elegant one and begins with nominations from any ILYA member.  These nominations are forwarded to any ILYA Past Commodore, or any Bilge Puller’s Past Admiral.  From there, nominations go to a screening committee and, if qualified, are placed on the ballot as either an outstanding contributor or an outstanding competitor.  The ballot is then sent to all Bilge Puller Past Admirals and ILYA Past Commodores who are then asked to vote.

In addition, qualified nominees from the first half-century of the ILYA’s existence can be placed into the Hall of Fame by a unanimous vote of the Historian Committee.  This committee, made up (no surprise here) of Past Admirals and Past Commodores, seeks to fill the void where the memories of our current electors leave off.


2004 Inductees

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2004 Inductees:

Art Best, Cedar Lake (Wis.) Yacht Club

John Buckstaff, Oshkosh Yacht Club

John O. Johnson, White Bear Yacht Club

Ed Malone, Oshkosh Yacht Club

Harry “Buddy” Melges, Jr., Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Maynard Meyer, Pewaukee Yacht Club

Jack Ordway, White Bear Yacht Club

William “Curley” Perrigo, Pewaukee Yacht Club

John Pillsbury, Jr., Minnetonka Yacht Club

Ernst Schmidt, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Dr. Otto L. Schmidt, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

John W. Taylor, White Bear Yacht Club