Volume 12, Issue 70  
October 24, 2017
2017 Regattas
28-29 ILYA Fall Inland and Board Meeting
28-29 Halloween Opti/420 Regatta - Lake Geneva YC
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
May 5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
May 18 - Bilge Puller South Meeting
June 25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah (tentative)
July 5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah (Tentative)
July 16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
July 21-22 WYA X - Cedar
July 23 - No Tears - Beulah
July 25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
July 29-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Pewaukee
August 3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
August 12-19 ILYA Championships
   12-15 A/MC Scows - MCs TBD
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E/C Scows
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Is your club attending? Fall ILYA Meetings - Harken Headquarters - Pewaukee  
ilyaburgeeThe sportsmanship discussion on Saturday at 1:00 - 5:00 will impact your club, your class, your sailing. The following clubs are attending:
White Bear
Someone from your club should attend to determine a course for the 2018 season to assure a return to the high level of Corinthian sailing expected in the ILYA. We currently have nine of our over 50 clubs attending to problem solve what is perceived as a loosening of our ideals. Come assist us. Your sailing school directors are most important in this discussion. Assure that your sailing school is represented. 
George Benz of White Bear asked the question, "From where does the term Corinthian derive?" While an attempt to link it back to Corinth proved void, it seems rather it is from England where it was originated to designate amateur sport participation. It has been linked to the sport of sailing to designate the gentlemanly conduct in a sport where umpires, referees and judges are not primary arbiters. The ILYA abounds with examples of those who exemplify the Corinthian characteristic. We award a Corinthian trophy at our annual championships. Peter Barrett and Buddy Melges and you add your own homelake examples---Help us solidify how to improve the instruction and execution of a quality that defines behavior in our organization. 
10:00 Harken opens

Sportsmanship is KEY
1 - Committee Meetings 
  • 10:15 Youth Meeting - General youth discussion. If you are struggling with an issue and want to hear from one of our experienced coaches, youth chairs or parents, come to this meeting.  
  • Regatta Coordinating - if you are hosting an ILYA event in 2018, please plan to attend to review the Regatta Manual with Dave Berg. Financials, Facebook and other social media, trophies, registration: Dave discusses it all. Send your regatta chair and perhaps your treasurer or Commodore. 
Lunch - all are welcome and free. We need a count of those who will be attending the AM sessions to provide lunch. Register online or contact dberg@ilya.org.

1:00 -5:00 Scuttlebutt has already alerted the nation to our afternoon session on the Return to Corinthian Sailing. A panel discussion with youth, adult, RC and coach representation will open the discourse. Your audience input is essential. The panel will help identify the problem with examples, you will determine the need for action and create an action plan to get us all back on our game.  A concerted effort will be made to solidify our expectations and implementation of procedures to assure the most sportsmanlike behavior for ALL OUR FLEETS. In many ways, this begins at home and in our sailing schools. Clubs, please designate someone or several from your club to participate in this discussion. Together we can determine a path to assure we maintain our high expectation of Corinthian sailing on the waters of Inland lakes. 

5:30 Awards and Hors d'oeuvres - Register above $30
Pillsbury, Club of the Year, Member of the Year, RC Member of the Year - come to laud our many fine individuals.  

Sunday - 9:00 AM 
The Board of Directors meeting will be Sunday, October 29th. All are welcome. It is time to contact your fleet reps if you would like to be considered as a host of an ILYA regatta. The ILYA Regatta Manual is located here. Please review before the Board meeting. Most events are assigned at the October meeting. The current Regatta bid sheet is here.  
Open discussion from our members is welcome and is on the top of the agenda. After roll call, discussion is welcomed from the guest gallery. Have a concern? Have a topic the Board needs to address. 9:00 on Sunday is your time to present to the Board. 

You are invited to attend the entire Board meeting. Just contact Dave Berg for free lunch reservation. 
Give me an X, Give me an X, Give me an X  
Yes, it's that time again
Folks are looking for used X boats to meet the local needs of fleet growth. Minnetonka, in particular, is looking to buy. Contact Tim Regan if you have boats to sell. 
2017 Lake Lotawana Fall Classic
The 62nd Annual Fall Regatta started with the snack bar open and the booze a flowin'. Our friends from Okoboji and Davenport joined us in an Anegada Relief fundraising effort. With a nine iron and one lucky shot into an Opti, the winner got some cool cash.
Saturday morning brought twenty-seven boats to the starting line with light and variable winds prompting a postponement by the Pro Team. It was a good call. Thirty minutes later we started with 6-8 mph out of the south with a generous starting line. A few sailors got off the line fast while the rest of the fleet got spread about the ten-mile course. With winds increasing MO-6, Brackman and Stephanie Walker were in a tight race leading Bill Draheim on MO-37 as our guest skipper, with crew Gary Schroeder. LD-100, Allebach, LD-9 Staub, and MO-4, Robison and Jones rounding out the top 5. Lake Davenport had 3 sailors in the top nine.
The temperature and humidity was in the upper 80's as race two started. Jestin Lentz and fiancé Elizabeth shot out at the start and never looked back finishing first. As the leaders separated from the fleet at the windward mark, the back of the fleet rallied with a strong downwind run. Rounding the leeward mark, I drove over the top of the fleet, as Draheim went under and through. As Lotawana winds can be less than true, Draheim and Schroeder found their passing lane. After two races, Draheim and Brackman followed Lentz to the finish and were tied 4 all. Robison with 9, and 3 other sailors tied at 11 points.
At the start of the third race, many good sailors were still looking for a top 5 finish. This race was about 6 miles long had wind growing to 8 - 12 mph and the heat felt like a bad day in August. Lentz, Brackman and Robison had clean starts. Brackman and Lentz rounded the windward mark in the lead. As the competition was tough, MO-31 Austin Chamberlin and an old friend Andy Manz found a passing lane along with LD - 9, David Staub, beating Lentz to the finish. Wonder why? My crew (Crystal Farley) spotted Jestin and his fiancĂ© kissing on the downwind...... Stay FOCUSED Jestin!  
As the hot day ended, few sailors headed for the Sailors Bar, most went home to rest. Those hoping for a quiet evening and dinner at the Club instead found a mechanical bull at the MYC. Sarah Frashier can throw a party! Every boat had at least one team member ride. Children to octogenarians tried their luck, but 8 seconds was tough. My wife was awarded most entertaining while Regina Cooley and Shane VanHook made time. I headed down to the pontoon, I felt like a martini shaken and stirred after my short ride... I was down and out!
On Sunday, race four was scheduled and we had light air again. We all most have had the jitters from the bull ride. After 3 general recalls the PRO pulled out the black flag. With a joyful "All Clear", for our PRO, MO-6 was slow to start. With my daughter Savannah as crew, I knew we had time, it was a long race. I had 5 points, Draheim 10, and Robison 1. I did the math all I needed was a top 5 finish.
MO-44 Jon Martin and MO-31 Chamberlin were in a match race for first. Mark Marling had a great start and pressured the leaders. As Savannah and I worked our way up the lake, I told her "sail fast and keep the boat up right". Nearing the finish, Martin and Chamberlin were in a tacking duel for first, and Austin missed a strap and went swimming. Martin took the honors, Robison snuck in for second, and wet Austin, MO-31 finished third. We had our own tacking dual with Clagett and Marling. Savannah and I found a puff and slid in to fourth place.  
I thank all our out of town guests for traveling. I thank our PRO Team. And cheers to our Fleet Captain Jestin Lentz.
Sail Fast,
  Sail No Skipper Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4  Total Position
1 MO 6 Spencer Brackman 1 3 1 4 9 1
2 MO 4 Ed Robison 5 4 2 2 13 2
3 MO 37 Bill Draheim 2 2 6 7 17 3
4 MO 31 Austin Chamberlin 6 5 3 3 17 4
5 LD 9 Dave Staub 4 9 4 8 25 5
6 MO 11 Jestin Lentz 10 1 5 10 26 6
7 MO 44 Jon Martin 8 10 8 1 27 7
8 MO 2 Greg Clagett 7 6 9 6 28 8
9 MO 16 Mark Marling 11 7 7 5 30 9
10 LD 100 Don Allebach 3 8 18 12 41 10
11 LD 5 Rick Kuebler 9 12 11 13 45 11
12 MO 360 Jim Martin 18 11 13 14 56 12
13 MO 36 David Cooley 17 14 14 16 61 13
14 MO 59 Scott Tillema 13 15 10 28 66 14
15 P 111 Lawrence Jensen 14 22 16 15 67 15
16 MO 3 Rob Reid 19 19 12 18 68 16
17 MO 808 Brian Tillema 21 20 17 11 69 17
18 MO 888 Chuck Falkenberg 16 18 22 17 73 18
19 MO 66 Gordon McBride 15 17 15 28 75 19
20 MO 5 Zach Carruthers 20 21 19 19 79 20
21 MO 26 Bob Cooley 22 13 21 23 79 21
22 MO 22 Ray Kuntz 12 23 25 21 81 22
23 MO 33 Howard Chamberlin 23 16 24 24 87 23
24 MO 99 Mark Fraisher 24 28 28 9 89 24
25 MO 23 Tracy Rasmussen 25 25 20 22 92 25
26 LD 43 Charlie Manis 26 24 23 20 93 26
27 MO N Jay Lentz 27 26 28 25 106 27