Volume 12, Issue 68  
October 10, 2017
2017 Regattas
14-15 Oktoberfest at Nagawicka - MC/Laser, Vanguard 15/470
28-29 ILYA Fall Inland and Board Meeting
28-29 Halloween Opti/420 Regatta - Lake Geneva YC
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
May 5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
May 18 - Bilge Puller South Meeting
June 25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah (tentative)
July 5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah (Tentative)
July 16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
July 21-22 WYA X - Cedar
July 23 - No Tears - Beulah
July 25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
July 29-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Pewaukee
August 3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
August 12-19 ILYA Championships
   12-15 A Scows
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E, C, MC Scows
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Join the ILYA
October 28-29 - ILYA Board meeting and ILYA Fall Inland    - Harken Headquarters - 
10:00 Harken opens

Sportsmanship is KEY
Since this announcement has been made, the Commodore has received more than a little input regarding the need to re-calibrate our style of sailing. The Saturday afternoon session will open with a panel discussion and will evolve into problem solving from there. The ILYA CANNOT make an impact without your club's involvement. Plan to send your sailing commodores, your sailing school board members and coaches. All levels of sailing will be on the table and it will take all of us to RESET!

1 - Committee Meetings 
  • Committee meetings - if your committee needs a work space, reserve with Dave Berg and LUNCH IS ON US! Assemble your team and begin the 2018 planning session. 
  • Regatta Coordinating - if you are hosting an ILYA event in 2018, please plan to attend to review the Regatta Manual with Dave Berg. Financials, Facebook and other social media, trophies, registration: Dave discusses it all. Send your regatta chair and perhaps your treasurer or Commodore. 
2 - Need information? This is for you!
Whether it is sailing school-related, problems with insurance, bar management, class-associated, the ILYA will find an expert to meet with you. Send us your topic of discussion by October 10th and we will find an expert or two to meet with you regarding your individual concerns.  
Lunch - all are welcome and free. We need a count of those who will be attending the AM sessions to provide lunch. Register online starting next week by October 20th or contact dberg@ilya.org.

1:00 -5:00 Scuttlebutt has already alerted the nation to our afternoon session on the Return to Corinthian Sailing. A panel discussion with youth, adult, RC and coach representation will open the discourse. Your audience input is essential. The panel will help identify the problem with examples, you will determine the need for action and create an action plan to get us all back on our game.  A concerted effort will be made to solidify our expectations and implementation of procedures to assure the most sportsmanlike behavior for ALL OUR FLEETS. In many ways, this begins at home and in our sailing schools. Clubs, please designate someone or several from your club to participate in this discussion. Together we can determine a path to assure we maintain our high expectation of Corinthian sailing on the waters of Inland lakes. 

5:30 Awards and Hors d'oeuvres
Pillsbury, Club of the Year, Member of the Year, RC Member of the Year - come to laud our many fine individuals.  

Sunday - 9:00 AM 
The Board of Directors meeting will be Sunday, October 29th. All are welcome. It is time to contact your fleet reps if you would like to be considered as a host of an ILYA regatta. The ILYA Regatta Manual is located here. Please review before the Board meeting. Most events are assigned at the October meeting. The current Regatta bid sheet is here.  
Open discussion from our members is welcome and is on the top of the agenda. After roll call, discussion is welcomed from the guest gallery. Have a concern? Have a topic the Board needs to address. 9:00 on Sunday is your time to present to the Board. 

You are invited to attend the entire Board meeting. Just contact Dave Berg for free lunch reservation. 

Registration will be posted next week. 
C Worlds - Delavan  
Joe Schaub/Liz Bernstein Win One-Day Event
 It was "hold onto your hats" weather on Delavan. Yep, it took a cadre of sailors and RC to determine it was too windy to take the boats out. Joe Schaub's jacket and Richard Beers' hair served as anemometers to say, "More fun, more cards, more beer!"
PRO Brian Buzzell ran three beautiful races on Sunday to crown a new Worlds champ. 
Lake Fenton Fall C Regatta
The Lake Fenton Fall C Regatta was sailed in near perfect weather with light to medium winds both days. With winds out of the south, we sailed the length of Fenton with long shifty upwind and downwind legs, leading to very competitive racing with lots of passing. The Fenton Club champ, Walt Litzbarski, along with his sister Ruth and Jim Whitten sailed fast and consistent. The fleet was able to get in 6 complete races over two days and still had time for a steak dinner and some partying.
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Total
1st LF 3 Walt Litzbarski 2 1 1 2 5 3 14
2nd LD100 Don Alanbach 3 2 3 6 3 4 21
3rd SL 68 Karl Lanka 7 3 2 4 1 5 22
4th LF 8 Ken Seaman 1 5 4 1 4 8 23
5th SL 0 Glen Walborn 6 4 5 9 2 2 28
6th LD 5 Rick Kuebler 4 6 6 5 6 6 33
7th ER 54 Matt Poile 8 10 8 3 7 1 37
8th LF 311 Mike Castle 5 9 7 8 10 9 48
9th LF 111 Scott Craig 9 8 10 7 9 12 55