Volume 12, Issue 62  
August 20, 2017
ILYA Championships
Lake Geneva
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2017 Regattas
16-20 ILYA Championships - C/MC/A/E - Lake Geneva YC
8-10 Max C/MC Fall - Maxinkuckee YC
8-10 E Nationals - Carolina YC
9-10 George Dorn MC - Beulah
9-10 Big Waters C - South Shore YC
16-17 C Blue Chip - Pistakee YC
16-17 Fenton Fall C - Lake Fenton YC
22-24 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
23-24 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Lake Beulah YC
23-24 Lotawana C - Missouri YC
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC
Last Day ----   
E's       9:00 Warning

C's       9:45 Warning

No Wind --- A's and MC's Awarded Trophies         Photos by Larry Kmiecik  
Thanks to Lynch
The ILYA trophy inventory is quite extensive - for four days a year but those four days require space, space, space and the logistics (well let's say sheer muscle) are huge. Our spectacular trophies are presented, the recipients keep the awards (some dating back 80-90 years) for one year, then on registration day every award the ILYA owns is returned, polished, evaluated for needed repairs and stored until the Trophy Presentation. Lynch has most generously given us a massive trailer which has vastly changed the manual labor required. No more dollies lugging trophies to the presentation site, no more parade of folks transporting the loot. Thank you to Lynch Motors for assisting us these three years - and giving us a truck to travel to IA, and giving us four-wheelers to launch and retrieve boats and, and, and. . .  Thanks Patrick, Michael and David & Judy Lynch.
Robin Dale, US Sailing, spoke of US Sailing's sponsorship of the Dinner of Champions. Robin orchestrated the evening's sponsorship and let us say, she belongs to US! Robin and son Augie are Pewaukee members and have grown up as strong Inland sailors. She is a find for US Sailing but hopefully never a loss to us. Thanks, Robin, for a great evening. 
Commodore David Porter opened the evening recognizing the efforts of the most generous Lake Geneva Yacht Club who welcomed us and took a chance that three years would go quickly, we bet. The effort from a single club is unduplicated in ILYA history. The sheer labor is mind boggling, the attention to detail essential and the number of garbage cans filled infinitesimal! How many pieces of wood does it take for each parking slot to have chocks. Bet most of us don't have to think of that. Today as we leave, Buddy Melges will be there picking up the wood. Co-chair Kristin Gannon (below) who managed the parking lot logistics is tireless! She is methodical but adapts so easily to the everchanging problems with all of us on the property. Kristin thanked all her volunteers in a most generous manner but it was her efforts that made this place hum.

Lake Geneva Commodore Rod Rieger accepted the ILYA's gratitude for the club's longterm efforts in service to the ILYA. Geneva is one of the ILYA's longest standing clubs. No one has made a count but bets would be more ILYA Champions have come from Geneva than any other ILYA club. Three Rolex yachtspersons - World Champions - Olympic Champions ----- it's a club with a history of leadership and performance unmatched. But this event is about the many, many members who came and served from bathroom cleaning, the chair setup, ticket distribution - you get it --- grunt work from smiling, willing members who have turned out for 9 days of prep and take down for three years now. Thank you Lake Geneva. Words cannot express our appreciation. No other club has committed to such a longstanding period of service. 

Through the three years the one constant has been Terry Blanchard. He began this odyssey as the Commodore of LGYC but remained as chair the entire three year period. Time committed is unfathomable but the efficiencies he created by remaining the entire term made this event what you experienced each year. His leadership allowed us to improve each year since he was readily able to assess and improve. By this year, it was a well-oiled machine. (Can't we just stay?). His efforts to his club in this endeavor are unparalleled. Nothing like this has been asked of a member before in regatta management. He rose to the challenge and as we leave today with a sad heart, please take the time to say thank you to the entire Geneva production but most importantly Terry and Kristin who have given so much for three years. 
This simply doesn't happen without Michael Moore. Lake Geneva is so fortunate to employ the kindest, happiest, most dedicated, hard working Michael Moore. Do you have any idea how many questions he answers in a day? How many miles he walks on the property in a day? Truly he is unflappable and at times we are all not that easy. Never even a sigh at our requests. He is off and running before you can walk away after a request. He is a rare individual who can anticipate our needs and has it solved. Present him with a new problem and he is up to the challenge. It takes a unique individual to handle all of us and yet get the behind the scenes operation running seamlessly. THIS IS THE MAN!!! Year after year he has come to the forefront to execute our wishes. AND. . .  we are not his customers --- the Geneva members entrust him with the club during our brief stay and are assured he will return it to the exceptional condition he maintains day after day. Thank you, Michael, for sticking with all of us and not requesting vacation when we arrive. We know how much we ask and you deliver!
Bill Goggins presented the ILYA with the 2017 wannabe class gift. Thanks to the Bilge Pullers for their perennial generosity to the ILYA.

Off to trophies
Wind peaked at 3.5MPH; waves increased of the motorboat brigade charged the lake on a gorgeous August summer day. It was a day of lounging and talking. A couple ILYA committee meetings - a most enjoyable regatta unplanned layday. 
1   2169   Black Cat   Ryan Grosch [Junior]/ Harriet/      8   1   2     11   
Jessie Albritton  
2   2609   Hammer   Peter Strothman/ Geneva/      3   2   7     12   
Grady and Bo Strothman  
3   2616   White Magic   Gordon Lamphere/ Southern/      4   3   10     17   
Gordon Lamphere  
4   2178   No, Daddy   Mark Tesar [Master]   Clear     10   9   6     25   
5   2145   Rocket Monster   Mike Kaiser / Pewaukee Yacht Club/      9   15   3     27T   
Kamron / Kasha Kaiser  
6   2429      Steve O Avery [Grand Master] / Okoboji/      18   4   5     27T   
Jared Plummer  
7   2661   Ramble On   Vincent Driessen [Master]/ Gull/      7   5   16     28   
Martha Gabriela Natalia Driessen  
8   2040   Flying Lotus   Henry Chesnutt [Junior]/ Harriet/      6   24   1     31   
Sarah Eide  
9   2658   Hail Mary   Christopher Tornehl   Wissota /   19   10   14     43   
10   2129   Deadly Sinn   Natalie Sinn/ Harriet/      13   8   23     44   
Paige Boegeman  
11   2470   The Swan   Brian Heimsch/ Cedar Lake Yacht Club/   1   19   27     47T   
Justin Heimsch /   
Allison Heimsch    
12   2401   Talinik   Todd Tesar [Master]   Clear     12   7   28     47T   
13   2653   Guiddyup   Daniel Guidinger [Master]/ White Bear/      21   17   9     47T   
Lucy Guidinger  
14   2685   Retro   Eric Hood [Grand Master]/ Eustis/      15   29   4     48   
Olivia Staruck  
15   2686      Kelly Brain / Geneva/      2   30   17     49   
Ellie / Reidhirn  
A Fleet

It's never taken for granted. This team has won this many times before and with multiple skippers. The John Anderson boat has been sailed by John and Buddy Melges and they were victorious. Now the boat is skipped by Vincent Porter but the backbone remains - Fitzgerald, Navin, Impens, Gifford. It takes a team to succeed in the A scow and this is a longlasting TRUE team. You can see it on the water but also on shore. Dad John Porter appears above who made a guest appearance. John Porter is a multiple winner of this trophy. 
1   I-1   Eagle   Vincent Porter/   1   2   1     4   
Ryan Fitzgerald
Dave Navin
Kyle Navin
Junior Impens
Christian Spencer
Greg Gifford  
2   M-21   Patrick Hughes   Patrick Hughes/   2   4   2     8   
Tony Jewett
Jimmy Hughes
Coye Harrett
Harry Melges
Clifford Porter
Matt Ripkey  
3   I - 7   MadCap   Tom Freytag/   5   1   6     12   
Colin Rowe
Bo Freytag
Dylan Freytag
Mac Six
Ailsa Freytag
Nathan Freytag  
4   W-3   TypeA   Will Crary/   4   3   7     14   
Eddie Cox
Mike Crary
Ed Cox
Chad Carson
Anders Eckholm
Andrew Hed  
5   I 55   AJAX   Michael Keefe/   8   9   4     21   
tony trajkovich
john kivlin
tom McGreavy
andy carlson
andy carlson
Andy Carlson
Tom Keefe
Erich Schloemer  
6   I-12   G-force1   Harry Melges 4/   10   11   3     24   
Finn Rowe
Carson Hillier
Will Huerth
Tait Workman
R.J. Porter
Bri Porter  
7   W-25   Euphoria   Lee Alnes/   3   12   10     25T   
Jon Lee
Andy Kruse
Karen Alnes
Mark Dunsworth
Sean Wagner
Matt Markoe  
8   M-10   Animal House   Jack Strothman/   13   7   5     25T   
Gary Christensen
Mark Olson
Jim Wyman
Scott Standa
Dave Templeman
Buzz Shepard  
9   I 96   White Magic   Chuck Lamphere/   6   6   14     26   
David Porter
Scott Sullivan
Michael Barr
Kyle Rogachenko
John Porter
Will Davies  
10   I-333   Red Eye   David Davenport/   7   5   17/DSQ     29   
Peter Keck
Ben Porter
Joe Skotarzak
Andrew Bohl
Papa Kutschenreuter
Anne Muller  
11   V-57   Fast Forward   Brian Henke/   15   8   9     32   
Jim Gluek
Glen Ackley
Geoff Ackley
Mark Schaubel
Mark Isabel
Dave Halaska  
12   I 14   Crews Control   Michael Lynch/   14   13   8     35   
Patrick Lynch
Marek Valesek
Mark Oglesby
Nathan Quist  
13   V-44   Rogue   Matt Weber/   12   14   11     37   
Jim Rehberger
Neil Evans
Rick Wilfer
Tom Beckes
Chirs Allen  
14   J255   Can't Decide   Bill Wyman/   9   17/DSQ   12     38   
Tom Castle
max Wyman
will Wyman
peter lang
jeff price  
15   V-999   Valkyrie   Todd Haines/   17/RET-AF   10   13     40   
Andy Biwer
Taylor Martin
PJ Feichtmeier
Jamie Klauser
Alex DeGuire
Joey Biwer  
16   W88   Asylum   Louis Hill/            
Larry Pardee            
Ben Rosene            
Carl Denys              
E fleet
One more race in the E fleet this morning. The standings have changed due to a protest. 
1   V 37   August Barkow/   3   3   5     11   
Jeff Niedziela
Aj Schweda
Heidi Schweda  
2   W-66   Eddie Cox/   4   6   2     12   
Kate Cox
Willy Crary
Ed Cox  
3   I-2   Vincent Porter/   2   11   1     14   
Clifford Porter
Coye Harrett
Kyle Navin  
4   I 49   Brian Porter/   1   10   8     19   
RJ Porter
Colin Rowe
Annie Rowe  
5   I-9   Peter Strothman/   5   1   20     26   
Corbett porter  
6   I-101   Scott/Matt Ripkey/   7   8   12     27   
Mac Six
Matt Ripkey
Hannah Ripkey  
7   BH-8   Russ Lucas/   6   9   14     29   
Jim Campbell
Peet Must
Ellie O'Brien  
8   M-9   Tom Burton/   11   14   11     36   
Bruce Martinson
Charlie Burton
Hank O'Brien  
9   I - 7   Tom Freytag/   9   21   7     37   
Nathan Freytag
Dylan Freytag
Ailsa Freytag
Ailsa Freytag  
10   M-20   Tim Krech/   17   13   9     39   
Matt Resch
Chad Rechcygl
Jenna Galegher  
11   T-76   Kyle Rogachenko/   8   34   6     48   
AJ Bailey
Brendon Hogan  
12   W99   Charlie Igo/   29   5   15     49   
Jack Zweber
Chad Carson  
13   W-25   Lee S Alnes/   12   22   16     50   
Andy Kruse
Mark Dunsworth
Olivia Staruck  
14   M-87   Derek Packard/   18   12   22     52   
Matt Hanson
Gavin Potts
Paige Boegeman  
15   I-1   Harry Melges/   22   2   29/ZFP     53   
Harry Melges III Suzanne Melges
Finn Rowe
Monroe Melges  

C Fleet
Two more races yesterday makes this the only fleet on schedule. Afternoon shifting winds caused some mixups in the standings and it is close up top between two great friends. The Haegers - all three- remain in the top ten. Past champion Ed Eckert is still in the hunt. Past champion Paul Reilly sits in the top ten. Get the trend? Loads of past champions still reside in this fleet. 18-75 years of age, they all still sail the C.  
1   N - 181   LIKKITY SPLIT   Peter Keck/   3   6   2   6     17   
Ben Porter  
2   I 45   Stormin   Andy Burdick/   6   2   1   10     19   
Mya Burdick
Finn Burdick  
3   B 12   Delusions   Kent Haeger [Master]/   1   1   12   17     31   
Mike Greeson
Erin Moynahan  
4   A-136   Nemesis   Edward Eckert [Master]/   7   5   9   14     35   
Abby Eckert
Charlie Eckert
Sam Eckert  
5   B 333   Washed Up   Anne Haeger/   4   3   11   21     39   
Luke Ramsay
Neal Klement  
6   B 303   Fish   Frank Davenport [Grand Master]/   14   9   10   9     42   
Ron Jarecki
Teresa Westin  
7   B-1   The Rear Commodore   Will Haeger [Junior]/   12   10   8   15     45   
Kate Klement
A Couple People  
8   B-217   RYOT Too   Anne Muller /   9   20   4   18     51T   
Joe Skotarzak
Allison Rowe  
9   A-14   Irish Navy   Paul Reilly [Grand Master]/   17   13   14   7     51T   
Matt Pistay
Austin Jaessing  
10   B-18   #Team Hungover   Brian Brickler/   13   4   31   4     52   
Kevin Brickler
Mel Urben/ Molly Brickler  
11   B66   Barr-Crawler   Michael Barr [Junior]/   8   16   5   31     60   
Ryan Komas
Brigit Barr  
12   B-317   Frankenboat   John Porter /   2   11   32   27     72   
Pat Welscher  
13   A 36   Grumpy Old Men   Tom Eckert [Grand Master]/   11   31   25   11     78   
Dave Schmidt  
14   OO-8   Spicy Bent Stick   Lou Morgan [Master]/   38   29   3   12     82   
MacKenzie Halverson
Zoe Morgan  
15   E-88   Ridin' High   Stephen P. Schmidt [Master]/   5   14   24   43     86   
John Schmidt
Wendy Schmidt  
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