2021 ILYA X Boat Championship


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Pewaukee YC, Pewaukee, WI

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Pewaukee YC, Pewaukee, WI

Notice Board

ILYA X Boat Championship Regatta
Wednesday, July 28, 2021 to Saturday, July 31, 2021
Pewaukee Yacht Club, Pewaukee WI

8/2/21 1720 Hours

RWB Race 3 Abandoned

Race 4 Warning 0900 Hours

Green Race 1 Warning 0930 Hours

7/31/21 1225 Hours

Senior Fleet Last Boat Finish 1221 Hours

Protest time limit 1306 Hours

7/31/21 1213 Hours

Junior Fleet 

A-42 protest B-99

RC protest V-30

7/31/21 1208 Hours

Junior Fleet Last boat finish time 1156. Protest time limit 1241 Hours

7/31/21 0800

Junior and Senior Fleet swapping course locations Saturday, 7/31/21 0900 Warning

7/30/21 1415 Hours

0900 warning for both Senior and Junior Fleet tomorrow

Volleyball to commence.

Dinner to be served at 6:30 tonight.

See you there!


7/30/21 1215 Hours

Junior Fleet Race 4

B-25 protesting E-22

M-3 protesting I-9

The protest time limit is 45 minutes after the last boat in that class finishes the last race
of the day or the race committee signals no more racing today, whichever is later.

Protests may be filed using this link -

7/29/21 1700 Hours

Race 4 Warning both Junior and Senior Fleet 0930 Hours Friday 7/29/21

7/29/21 1615 Hours

Senior Fleet last boat finish 1605 Hours

Protest time limit 1650.

7/29/21 1550 Hours

Junior Fleet Race Committee Protest of M-34 Scheduled for 1630 Hours

7/29/21 1536 Hours

Junior Fleet last boat finish 1536.
Protest time limit 1621.

7/29/21 1400 Hours

Junior Fleet Race Committee Protesting M-34

7/29/21 1301 Hours

Race 3 Warning Junior Fleet 1430 Hours

Race 3 Warning Senior Fleet 1445 Hour

Junior Fleet Race 1 E-29 Protesting I-14
Senior Fleet Race 2 B-30 protesting B-14

Protests may be filed using this link -


7/29/21 - 0830 Hours

RC announces first warning as planned

0930 Hours for both fleets


7/28/21 - 2100 Hours

We encourage you to come and get rigged as early as 6:30 AM.

Just remember you will be launching the boats unrigged and if you launch from the east launch ramp remember to have your rudders off. Coaches and taxis will take you to your moorings at your host houses. We will pass along messaging from the RC as to warning times.

Mark Tesar wanted to pass on that they will be using Blue flags as the finish line.


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