2023 ILYA Melges 15 Championship Regatta


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Clear Lake YC, Clear Lake, IA

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Clear Lake YC, Clear Lake, IA

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Race 7 Last Boat Finish Time 1158

Race 6 0930 Warning

Race 5 Last Boat Finish 1450

A Scoring Review initiated by the Chief Judge has resulted in a scoring change for places 18 & 19 in Race 1

Race 1 1654 Protest Time Limit

Race 2 0930 Warning


The Competitors Briefing will be at 0830 on Channel 72. 

Inland Lake Yachting Association Melges 15 Championship 
Organizing Authority - Inland Lake Yachting Association
Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 to Sunday, August 6th, 2023
Clear Lake Yacht Club, Clear Lake IA
103 Main Avenue, Clear Lake, IA 50428

Welcome sailors to the 2023 ILYA Melges15 Championship regatta on beautiful Clear Lake, Iowa.

This regatta is about a week away and the Clear Lake Yacht Club is excited to host this event.  The organizing committee has been planning this event for nearly a year and we are excited it is almost here.

There are a few things we wanted to make sure you all are aware of before you arrive in Clear Lake.

The town of Clear Lake is also playing host to the C.L.A.S.S Car Classic the same weekend as the ILYA Melges15 Championship regatta.  This is a 500-600 classic car show and will include a cruise around the lake on Friday evening and a judged show around City Park and the downtown area on Saturday.  This will cause limited parking around the yacht club on Saturday, however launching of boats via trailer or dollies will not be impacted.

The classic cars could be anything from Model A’s to brand new Corvettes and everything in between.  Some are stocked and some are souped up.  Most are just beautiful.


When you arrive on Thursday, please turn west off of N 8th Street on 1st Ave N.  This will take you to the NW side of City Park, go around the barricades onto N Lakeview Dr where you can rig your boat or go to the Clear Lake Yacht Club (103 Main Ave) to register.  The street will be blocked off to through traffic.

If you are keeping your boat on a trailer at the yacht club, once rigged, unhitch your trailer and back it to the curb along Main Ave in front the yacht club.  If you are keeping your boat on a dolly at the yacht club, do not raise the mast until you are on the beach.  Move your boat from the trailer to dolly and then roll it to the beach area.  Ask for help to roll it from the sidewalk to the beach.  Once there, rig your boat.  If you are keeping it on a host dock, rig your boat and launch it on the ramp and request a tow to your host dock.  If you don’t know where the dock is, you will be given an address at registration.  Be careful of the City Dock.  It has a lot of sharp edges and is not friendly to small boats.  Just keep an eye on your boat and you should not have an issue.

If you are keeping your boat on a trailer or dolly at the LakeSide Inn, register at the yacht club and proceed to the LakeSide Inn (South on South Shore Dr).  You can put your boat in the gravel area on the North side of the ramp next to the condos.  Be aware, there are trees and powerlines on the South side of the ramp next to the hotel.  Do not park your boat there.  Park on the North side, next to the condos.  You can rig your boat and leave it there where it says “No Parking”.  If you are staying in the LakeSide Inn and have a tender powerboat, you can park it across the street in the boat parking spaces even though it says “No overnight boat parking”.

After registration and rigging your boat, you are invited to a casual open house at Jeff & JoAnn Nicholas’s house (715 North Shore Dr) from 5:00-7:00.  Stop by and socialize with other Melges15 sailors.  There will be some food and drink available.


You are free to park anywhere in the downtown area or around the park.  The car cruise will begin around 5:00 PM.  They will proceed down Main Ave toward the lake and turn South on South Shore Dr and around the lake.  Parking along Main Ave between the yacht club and downtown is allowed, but not advised.  Some of the cars will do burnouts, even though it is illegal.  Some of the time, they have lost control and hit cars parked on their route.  It would be safer if you parked on the NW side of the park or on N Lakeview Drive (the staging area), or there is parking by City Beach.  The party Friday night will be at the yacht club.  If interested, you will be able to see the cars on their cruise on the east side of the yacht club.  Friday’s race winner trophies will be awarded Friday night at the yacht club.


The car show is Saturday.  All of the cars will be on display on the streets in the downtown area.  You will have to park a few blocks away.  Also, since the cars will be entering the showing area by the boat ramp, all boats on trailers will have to be launched by 8:30 AM.  They don’t want our ATV vehicles moving around while these classic cars are setting to their viewing area.

Saturday night’s party is a private residence, 2001 North Shore Dr.  We will have food and an open bar.  Saturday’s race winner trophies will be awarded Saturday night at the party.


Sunday, the car show is done.  You can park anywhere you want, but N Lakeview Drive (the staging area) will be blocked off so we have room to pack boats up.  Sunday race winner trophies and the overall trophies will be awarded at the yacht club as soon as the scores are finalized.

Trailer Launching from the yacht club

For those boats launching from their trailers each day at the yacht club, we will have two ATVs to assist with launching.  You should NOT bring your own vehicle into the ramp area.  It will just get too congested.  On Saturday, you won’t be able to get close due to the car show barricades.

There will be several white buoys in front of the yacht club.  Those are intended to be for sailors to use during the regatta as temporary mooring.  So, you can launch your boat (either dolly or trailer) and tie up on either dock or any of the buoys while you get your sails up and go sailing.


Lunches on Friday and Saturday will be available from a RIB near the finish line.  They will be flying a flag that indicates it is the Lunch boat.  Just sail up to the boat and request your lunch.  Please only get a lunch if you paid for a lunch.  Spectators may also go up to the “Lunch boat” and request their lunches.  Please let us know if you ordered a lunch and will NOT be on the water so we can have it at the club for you to pick up.

Spectator Boats

Spectator Boats will be available at the yacht club approximately 45 minutes prior to the scheduled warning.  They will also drive by the LakeSide Inn and pick up any spectators staying there.

Safety Boats

There will be three Safety boats on the water.  They will be flying flags that say “Safety”.  If you need assistance, you can approach any of these boats or call on the radio using the Competitor’s channel.  If we have a medical emergency, we will call 911 and meet the first responders at the yacht club dock.  The Safety instructions are attached to this letter.


Beer will be available during registration and the Friday night party.  Some wine will also be available on Friday night.  A full bar will be available on the Saturday night party.  You are also very welcome to bring your own beverages to any of the events.  If you are under 21, please do the right thing and not partake in any of the alcohol beverages.  We want to be sure our club does not get into any hot water.  Thank you.

We want you to have a fun time at this regatta.  If anyone has any questions, please let us know.

Here are some additional contacts if you need anything:

  • Regatta PRO – Mark Tesar,
  • Regatta Chief Judge – Dr. Tom Hodgson,
  • Melges15 ILYA Rep – Tim Regan,
  • Scorer for the regatta – Dave Berg,

Thank you,

CLYC Regatta Committee:

  • Andi Tisor,
  • Dan Allen,
  • Margaret Osmundson,
  • Mark Tesar,
  • Stu Oltrogge,

Red Line is Staging area

Blue Line is Trailer parking for overnight

Orange Line is Car Cruise path

Bold Green is blocked for the Car Show on Saturday

Emergency Safety Plan for Clear Lake Yacht Club


For a medical emergency, dial 911

To meet first responders, proceed to the Clear Lake Yacht Club, 103 Main Ave, Clear Lake, IA

Nearest Emergency Room is MercyOne North Iowa, 1000 4th St SW, Mason City, IA

Be prepared to tell 9-1-1:

  • Current location of injured person
  • Description of boats (if requesting on-water help)
  • You will bring the injured person to the CLYC building
  • Age/gender/number of injured people
  • Type of injury/situation
  • Your name and call back number

In the meantime – Render assistance, monitor and administer first aid, call Event Safety Officer or PRO, send someone to meet emergency vehicles if needed.

First aid kits are available in the kitchen at the yacht club and on the Race Committee boats.

For Refuge, proceed to the nearest dock and tie up.  In Iowa, all docks can be used for refuge.


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