ILYA X Fleet Grant Program

General Purpose
    The X Boat is the ILYA’s longstanding junior training boat. When families become involved in racing X Boats they experience the ILYA organization at its finest because the focus is on families, sailing and sportsmanship, as well as having fun at every sailing event. New sailors and their families meet and learn from the more experienced sailors. X Boat skippers teach young crew members about the fundamentals of sailing and the importance of teamwork in winning races. The ILYA would like to offer these learning experiences to more of our members. In addition, the growth of scow racing is more dynamic on lakes where an active X Boat racing program exists. Thus, the new ILYA X Fleet Grant Program is designed to achieve both these short and long term objectives by awarding subsidies to 501(c)3 Sailing Schools or 501(c)7 Yacht Clubs to help them purchase X boats and lease them to families willing to campaign a X Boat.
How the Grant Program Works
    Application is made to the ILYA by the Member Club/Sailing School and the participating families. The Member Club/Sailing School agrees to provide racing opportunities for X Boats as part of its overall racing schedule. Furthermore, the Club will support the training of the X Boat sailors as well as helping them integrate into the social and racing activities of the Club. The 501(c)3 Sailing School agrees to purchase X boats and lease them to families who agree to the requirements of this grant. If the member club does not have a 501(c)3 sailing school then the club will purchase the boats and lease them to families who agree to the requirements of this grant. Participating families agree to maintain an ILYA Family Membership and campaign the boat in both the Club races and the ILYA Championship as long as they own the boat.

More Details
    •    The participating Club shall have had no active X fleet during the preceding two years or at the time the subsidies are requested.
    •    A minimum of three Participating Families must be committed to creating the X fleet.
    •    The ILYA will grant up to 50% of the cost of a used X Boat and its equipment to a maximum of $3,000 per boat, and a maximum of $9,000 per new X fleet to the Member Club. Also, the $3,000 subsidy can be used to offset part of the cost of a new X Boat.
    •    Sailing Schools/Member clubs agree to insure (both property and liability), maintain and store their boats.
    •    No boats that are purchased with Grant funds may be used in Community Sailing Programs without the approval of the ILYA.
    •    Sale of subsidized boats owned less than three years from the date the subsidy was awarded shall be subject to the approval of the ILYA Foundation Committee.
    •    Subsidized boats that are sold before they have been campaigned for three years shall not be sold for more than the family paid for the boat less the amount of the ILYA subsidy.

Application Process
    The participating Member Club/Sailing School and the families must provide individual applications to the ILYA Foundation in one package. The application forms are found HERE.