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Membership dues and regatta registrations are the lifeblood of ILYA functions. But financial support beyond dues has always been welcome, even critical, to the furtherance of the association activities.

While donors have always been recognized at least once a year in Scow Slants, the new ILYA Membership Support Level program provides another opportunity for the ILYA to recognize its supporting donors year-round.

Additional support from members with donations above and beyond the dues will now be acknowledged with a three-tiered recognition system. Donors at the following levels receive a sticker which can be displayed on an auto, a boat, or any smooth surface.

  • Silver Level Support Stickers will be awarded to members who donate $100 or more in addition to their dues.
  • Gold Level Support Stickers will be awarded to members who donate $500 or more in addition to their dues.
  • Platinum Level Support Stickers will be awarded to members who donate $1,000 or more in addition to their dues.
Members may participate by specifying their donation to go to any one or combination of three available funds—General Fund, Promotion Fund, and Foundation Fund.
General Funds
General Funds contributions may be used for general ILYA operating expenditures, including:
  • Winter Inland expenses and speakers as needed.
  • Scow Slants costs in excess of advertising revenue.
  • Online registration and membership renewal update costs.
  • Equipment purchases, general repairs, and meeting expenses.
  • Race Committee and clinic expenses.
  • Replenishing the operating contingency fund balance.

Promotion Funds
Promotion Account funds are used to finance:
First-time ILYA adult participant program. This program allows sailors who have never sailed in an adult ILYA event to have their entry fee waived.
  • Youth discount program. This program allows sailors under the age of 26 to enter ILYA adult championship regattas at a 50% discount. This year the program is expanded to include ILYA adult invitationals.
  • Sailgroove’s activities at our Annual Championship regatta including video clips and live interviews. Sailgroove will also be available for your club’s use to highlight the best from our member clubs.
  • Costs of sending representatives to the US Sailing Junior Sailing Symposium.
  • Other Promotional costs approved by the Board of Directors.

Foundation Funds
ILYA X Fleet Grant Program: The X Boat is the ILYA’s longstanding junior training boat. When families become involved in racing X Boats they experience the ILYA organization at its finest, with its focus is on families, sailing, sportsmanship, and fun. New sailors and their families meet and learn from the more experienced sailors. X Boat skippers teach young crew members about the fundamentals of sailing and the importance of teamwork in winning races. In addition, the growth of scow racing is more dynamic on lakes where an active X Boat racing program exists and feeds adult racing programs. In recognition of this, the ILYA X Fleet Grant Program is designed to achieve both these short and long term objectives by awarding subsidies to 501c.3 Sailing Schools to help them purchase X Boats for lease to families willing to campaign an X Boat in the home fleet and at ILYA events.

Foundation accounts: 
The Inland Lake Yachting Association provides a vehicle through which donors can make tax-deductible contributions to sailors campaigning for the Olympics or Paralympics, or representing the ILYA in a national or international championship. Such sailors can set up an account with the ILYA toward which donors can contribute.

ILYA Bilge Pullers Hall of Fame Funds
Sponsored by the I.L.Y.A. Bilge Pullers, the ILYA Hall of Fame will have a permanent home in the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center, home of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club and Geneva Lake Sailing School. The ILYA Hall of Fame was organized in 2002, the brainchild of Bilge Puller’s past Admiral Dick Casper.  To date, thirty ILYA competitors and contributors have been honored in the Hall of Fame.

How can I participate?
Become a supporter at any time during the year with your tax deductible donation to the ILYA at PO Box 311, Fontana, WI 53125 or all the ILYA office at 262-203-7721 to make your gift by credit card.

Or make a donation on line by visiting our Donation page. Click HERE.