Association Awards

The ILYA recognizes volunteers at its Winter Inland Convention. The following awards are given during the Winter Inland Luncheon, usually in February of each year.

ILYA Member of the Year
John Hunt Memorial Trophy 







1992    Dick and Leslie Barkow, Pine Lake Yacht Club
1993    Bill and Mauretta Mattison, Mendota Yacht Club
1994    Donald Williquette, Nagawicka Yacht Club
1995    Candace Porter, Lake Beulah Yacht Club
1996    David Sitter, Oshkosh Yacht Club
1997    Tom and Michele Hodgson, White Bear Yacht Club
1998    Katharine Goes, Lake Geneva Yacht Club
1999    Martin Ford, Lake Geneva Yacht Club
2000    Suzi Reese, Lake Geneva Yacht Club
2001    Jack and Charles Schneider, Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club
2002    Richard Casper, Pine Lake Yacht Club
2003    Kent Haeger, Lake Beulah Yacht Club
2004    Ann and Chookie Kilander, LaBelle Yacht Club
2005    Jack and Ralph Eckert Families, Cedar Lake Yacht Club
            Sally Barkow, Pine Lake Yacht Club
2006    ILYA Class C Scow Committee
2007    Beth and Bill Wyman, Oshkosh Yacht Club
2008    John Ruf, Pewaukee Yacht Club
2009    Driessen Family, Gull Lake Yacht Club
2010    Candace & David Porter Family
2011    Margaret Osmundson, Clear Lake Yacht Club
2012    Todd Haines, Pewaukee Yacht Club
2013    Bruce Martinson, Minetonka Yacht Club
2014    Beth Wyman, Oshkosh Yacht Club
2015    Not Awarded  
2016    Annie Haeger 


ILYA Club of the Year 








1989    Lake Geneva Yacht Club
1990    Pine Lake Yacht Club
1991    Okoboji Yacht Club   
1992    Lake Beulah Yacht Club
1993    Okauchee Lake Yacht Club
1994    Minnetonka Yacht Club
1995    Cedar Lake (Ind.) Yacht Club
1996    Pewaukee Yacht Club
1997    Oshkosh Yacht Club
1998    Delavan Lake Yacht Club
1999    Mendota Yacht Club
2000    Lake Geneva Yacht Club
2001    Minnetonka Yacht Club
2002    Okoboji Yacht Club
2003    Delavan/Powers Lake Y. C.
2004    Clear Lake Yacht Club
2005    Cedar Lake (Wis.) Yacht Club
2006    Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club
2007    Pewaukee Yacht Club
2008    Oshkosh Yacht Club
2009    Gull Lake Yacht Club
2010    Beulah, Calhoun, Cedar, Wis., Delavan, and Geneva
2011    Minnetonka Yacht Club
2012    Mendota and Pewaukee Yacht Clubs
2013    Oshkosh Yacht Club
2014    Not Awarded
2015    Not Awarded
2016    Lake Harriet Yacht Club

ILYA Race Committee/Judge of the Year
Edward Malone Judges Trophy 


1986 – Okoboji Y.C. Ed Malone
1987 - Mendota Y.C.  Tom Hodgson
1988 - Geneva Y.C.  Arthur Best
1989- - Green Lake Y.C.  Tom Hodgson
1990 – Oshkosh Y.C.  William H. Sills III
1991 - Okoboji Y.C.  Ed Malone
1992 – Green Lake Y.C.  James R. Klauser
1993 – Mendota Y.C.  James R. Klauser
1994 - Green Lake Y.C.  Tom Hodgson
1995 - Okoboji Y.C.  Sander E. Sundberg
1996 – Minnetonka Y.C.  Robert J. von Bereghy
1997 – Oshkosh Y.C.  William H. Sills III
1998 – Green Lake Y.C.  Jerry Nieminen
1999 – Okoboji Y.C.  Sander E. Sundberg
2000 – Lake Geneva Y.C.  Sander E. Sundberg
2001 – Minnetonka Y.C.  Allen Becker
2002 – Oshkosh Y.C  Mike Sherin
2003 – Mendota  Jock Irvine
2004 – Green Lake Y.C.   Gloria Melges
2005 – Okoboji Y.C.  Chip Mann
2006 – Lake Geneva Y.C.  Jeff Butzer
2007 – Oshkosh Y.C. Russ Ackley
2008 – Okoboji Y.C. Phil Petersen
2009 – Long Lake, Ill. Suzi Reese
2010 - Lake Geneva Diane Sherin
2011 - Clear Lake Y.C. Charlie MacNider and Mark Tesar
2012 - Cedar (Wis.) Y.C. John 'Chip' Mann
2013 - Pewaukee Y.C. Larry Krause
2014 - Candace Porter
2015 - Mark Prange
2016 - Bill Best

ILYA Champion Skipper of the Year
Edmund Pillsbury Memorial Cup


ILYA Bilge Pullers Hall of Fame








2004 Inductees:

Art Best, Cedar Lake (Wis.) Yacht Club

John Buckstaff, Oshkosh Yacht Club

John O. Johnson, White Bear Yacht Club

Ed Malone, Oshkosh Yacht Club

Harry “Buddy” Melges, Jr., Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Maynard Meyer, Pewaukee Yacht Club

Jack Ordway, White Bear Yacht Club

William “Curley” Perrigo, Pewaukee Yacht Club

John Pillsbury, Jr., Minnetonka Yacht Club

Ernst Schmidt, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Dr. Otto L. Schmidt, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

John W. Taylor, White Bear Yacht Club

2006 Inductees:

Peter Barrett. Pewaukee Y. C. and Mendota Y. C.

Harold Koch, Pewaukee Yacht Club

Edmund Pillsbury, Minnetonka Yacht Club

Nat Robbins, Minnetonka Yacht Club

Walter Sprinkman, Cedar Lake (Wis.) Yacht Club

2008 Inductees:

William Bentsen, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Gordon Bowers Jr., Minnetonka Yacht Club

Jule Hannaford III, White Bear Yacht Club

Dr. Tom Hodgson, White Bear Yacht Club

Gordon Lindemann, Pine Lake Yacht Club

Jerry Huse, Okoboji Yacht Club

Jane Pegel, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

2009 Inductees:

John Hunt, Minnetonka Yacht Club

Arnold Meyer, Pewaukee Yacht Club

2010 Inductees:

Wally Schmidt, Okauchee Lake Yacht Club

Jack (Snake) Schneider, Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

Charles (Snuffy) Schneider, Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

Dick Casper, Pine Lake Yacht Club

2012 Inductees:

William "Smiles" Freytag, Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Robert "Boober" Schneider, Okoboji Yacht Club

2014 Inductees:

Louis Morgan, LaBelle Yacht Club

2016 Inductees:

Donald J. Williquette, Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

Bill Allen, Minnetonka Yacht Club



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